Introduction to Forwardpro Xpress


Sea/Air Freight Operation

Outbound: Prepare Sale Booking, House B/L (House AWB), Shipping Particular ,Local Invoice /Oversea Debit (Credit) Note and Freight cost and other expenses requisition.

Inbound: Prepare Amend Freight, D/O exchange, Invoice ad Freight Invoice , expenses requisition and record Oversea Debit (Credit) Note 


Customs Brokerage Services

Covering all aspect of customs brokerage service business which consisted of job creation to accept sale order, cash requisition and clearance, fixed fund, cash reserve for daily petty cash, control, invoice preparation and analysis and audit report system. 


Road Transport Management

Handle inland transport by truck and trailer activities consisted of delivery of full container (CY), cargo delivered by break bulk to carrier's container freight station (CFS) and empty container and shipment relocation. The module also allow you to control and manage your owned trucks, open jobs (transport or customs clearance) for new order, request and clear cash advance, control fund reserved for petty cash payment, prepare invoice and print analysis and audit reports.


Financial Accounting

Record receipt and payment, prepare official receipts and tax invoices, witholding income tax deducted at source, and payin slip,  record company's overhead, print receipt and payment voucher, customer and vendor transaction movement, document aged trial balance, bank reconciliation and input and output report and month and year end closing to prepare trial balance and financial statements.


Introduction to Willplus

 If you are looking for accounting software to be compatible with your operation application, Willplus is your best choice. It includes not only all features solely designed for Freight forwarding and related business but also the screen for importing the data from your operation application to prevent double data entry.

Make to Order Application

In order to make your computerized systems cover all aspect of your business activities. We are pleased to offer you software make-to-order services with the Microsoft latest technologies with a reasonable price.


You can learn the details and features of Forwardpro Xpress from this attached document.


Start the new system

You are able to replace your old system with Forwardpro Xpress under help of our Application Consultants.

Implementing only operation modules

If your company just starting out or has limited budget. You may choose to implement only operation modules  you need today, then building out your financial system over time by adding Forwardpro Xpress's financial accounting module.

Implement operation and financial accounting modules

Implementing both operation and financial accounting at the same time may cost more. But it's worth for the completion system.

Implementing only financial accounting module

If your current operation application still work effectively. You can choose to install only accounting modules of Forwardpro Xpress or our accounting application solely designed for Freight forwarding business, Willplus Accounting.

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