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Financial Accounting

Financial accounting was designed to solve any difficulties of the accounting and financial tasks. It is also designed in conformity with the Generally Accepted Accounting Standards, related laws and the Revenue Code in Thailand. Moreover, it also provides a lot of reports which may be required from management team and fully integrated with the operational modules. 

General Ledger

General Ledger handles all general accounting tasks. It import most data from Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Cash and Bank Control sub-modules, however, you are still able to do the data entries directly to General Ledger if you need.


  • Design chart of accounts to suit your company’s organization. You can create account groups to classify your account as needed, however, General Ledger provide pre-designed chat of accounts for you with a minimize customization.

  • Use segments which represent as the company’s profit and cost center up to three levels.

  • Instantaneous view account transaction screen. Under this screen, you are allowed to drill-down analysis for viewing of account and transaction details.

  • Design financial statement and print financial statement and voucher in any format and export to Microsoft Office file , PDF file, and etc.


Accounts Receivable and Payable 

Accounts Receivable and Payable handles all accounting transactions and reports related to receivable and payable. You are able to use the modules to create invoices and track sale, purchase, receipt and payment transactions of each receivable and payable.


  • Implement your own document numbering formats. The formats which comprise prefixes and sequence numbers are to be automatically assigned to all documents generated from these modules.

  • Batch processing makes all billing and costing transactions are easy to monitor. The transactions are editable as long as transactions have not been posted yet. Also certain tables will be updated after the transactions have been posted.

  • Service code with accounting codes, invoices and vouchers creation under these modules will be no longer complicated.

  • Multi-currency supported, you are able to create both local and oversea transactions. 

    Support both VAT point including goods and services.

  • Adjust and write-off accounts receivable or payable from sub ledger with “Adjustment Notes”.

  • Accounts receivable and payable inquiry screens display details of invoices (vouchers) and receipt (payment) of each receivable and payable. The screens can display both posted and not posted transactions. 

  • Print customer and vendor outstanding reports as soon as the transaction entered. 

  • Create reports and printing forms in any formats and unlimited quantities. Besides, all reports and printing form are able to be exported to Excel, Acrobat and many popular applications.


Cash and Banks

Cash and Bank Control handles all transactions related to cash and bank accounts. You are able to use this module to enter receipt and payment transactions and print business  and tax related forms. Cash and Bank Control also fully integrated with other modules of Forwardpro Xpress.


  • Record local and oversea receipts by cash, cheque and transferring and proceed transaction offsetting. You are also able to record prepaid tax and print receipts, tax invoices, advance receipt and so no in any formats and unlimited quantities.

  • Record local and oversea payments by cash, cheque and transferring and proceed transaction offsetting. You are also able to record withholding income tax, print payment voucher, cheque  forms  and so on in any formats and unlimited quantities.

  • Record unlimited prepayments or advanced receipt. The receipt and payments will be matched with original invoice or vouchers as soon as both of them are posted.

  • Cash basis transactions, you are able to record receipt and payment and print all related documents  under cash basis.

  • Specify document printing date differently from the general ledger date. 

  • Print receipts and tax invoices showing applied invoice details and/or service description details.

  • Support both VAT point including goods and services. 

  • Prepare pay-in and pay-out slip and bank reconciliation.


Audit and Management Reports

Financial Accounting provide a lot of standard reports as follows 



  • Batch Listing This report print all entered invoice and vouchers to be checked and corrected before posting them.

  • Trail Balance and Financial Statements You are able to print the report as soon as the transactions in both general ledger and sub-ledger have been entered.

  • General Transaction Listing The report print detailed movement of all transactions entered. You may group the transaction by account code or job number.
  • Documents aged balance reports These reports include outstanding balance of accounts receivable and payable , ages of the documents (total number of days between document date and report printed date) and overdue days (total number of days between due date and reports printed date). The reports can be printed documents cut off by document date and accounting date. 

  • Customer and vendor transaction movement reports These reports include the movement of invoices (vouchers) and receipt (payments) in specified period. The reports can be printed in Thai Baht and oversea currencies.

  • Cheque movement and outstanding Print cheque movement (in-out) and outstanding post dated cheques as at the end of each fiscal period. 

  • VAT Reports  Print both input and output VAT report in accordance with Revenue Code.

  • Withhoding Tax Report and prpepaid tax listing The report to control both tax deducted by your vendors and from your customers. 


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