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Road Transport Management

  • Control truck history such as acquired date, manufacture, type and group, fuel usage statics and etc.

  • Prepare delivery notes, used as proof of receipt for a shipment of goods,  and truck booking which are able to create unlimited records per job.

  • Control advance payment to shipping staff. All expenses incurred in each job will be summarized in “Reimbursement Sheet” to be submitted to Accounting Department for advance clearance.Besides the expenses will be used as the information for billing arrangement.

  • Summarize all payment in each job including payment made by shipping staff and payment from creditor by grouping the expenses to be advance and charges in order to able to arrange the accurate and completed billings.

  • Record billing and costing transactions with job reference. Print invoices and payable voucher to be submitted to customers/vendor and to accounting department to request for payments respectively. These billing and costing will be imported to Accounting System automatically.


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