Forwardpro Xpress has been developed by FORWARDSOFT CO., LTD. It is easy to use, flexible and suit with all conditions of the business of international freight forwarder, customs clearance, truck transport, packing services, contractors and trading business.

Forwardpro Xpress consisted various modules and they all work together seamlessly.

Sales and Management

This module is used as the center of Sales order management, quotations and reports for the management. The module starts from recording Sales Orders when receiving orders from customers, creating Quotations and once the customers confirm the orders, all Sales Orders and Quotations will be forwarded to the relevant departments such as Sales Orders and Quotations of Freight and Customs Clearance will be forwarded to the Freight and Customs Clearance departments respectively.

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Freight Management
This module covers all operation process of the Sea/Air/Land freight management business which consisted of receiving orders, preparing B/L, generating Profit & Loss worksheets, billing and expenses recording and the comprehensive audit and analytical reports for end users and then management.

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Customs Clearance Services

This module will help to work with a large number of documents in a better system. Start with creating a job, controlling the advance payments, recording expenses and gathering all costs and advances to prepare invoices for customers. The module works closely with the Fixed Fund system as the center to control the cash fund transactions in the module.  

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Truck Transport

This module provides truck and tractor services for both the ones owned by the Company and third parties. It might be the continuous services of the Freight and Customs Clearance departments or the services for general customers. The module consisted of truck planning on a daily basis, work order preparation for each trip, allowance for the drivers, delivery orders, expenses recording, billing to customers and other related tasks.

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Packing Services

This module is designed for the packing service business. With the module you are able to create job, record expenses and create invoices to bill the customers.

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Project Management

 This module is designed for contractor and installation businesses that are project works and must record income and cost under Job Costing basis. With the module, the budgets of the projects are created for revenue and cost recognition according to accounting principles.

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Financial Accounting

The Financial Accounting has been specifically designed to solve any difficulties of the accounting and financial tasks. It is also designed in conformity with the Generally Accepted Accounting Standards, related laws and the Revenue Code in Thailand. Moreover, it also provides a lot of reports which may be required from management team and fully integrated with the operational modules.


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Distribution Accounting

This module is for trading business. It consists of Sales orders, Purchase orders and Inventory Control. It is not only suitable for the trading companies but also suitable for the service companies who also operate trading business. It is also fully integrated to the Operation module as the same as the Financial Accounting module.

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