Packaging Services

This module is designed for the packing service business. With the module you are able to create job, record expenses and create invoices to bill the customers.

Control all types of expenses according to job codes for accurate and complete billings

Prepare quotations specifying the number and type of goods (packaging) and service charges according to customer needs.

Create a job code to record various details by copying data from Quotations.

Control the movement and balance of material with the Inventory Control module.

Create invoices (Billing) and vouchers (Costing) easily and accurately and the Journal Entries will be created once the transactions are added.

Comprehensive Audit and Analysis Reports

With this module you are able to print a lot of audit and analysis reports. You can design new reports as needed in any formats and unlimited quantities. The standard or pre-designed reports consisted of the followings:

Profit Analysis represent revenue, costing and margin of each job. 

Detailed Transactions This report print all job details, revenue and costing transactions of the jobs. It is used as the audit report for data entry operators.

Billing and Voucher Listing This report summarizes billing and costing of each job under the specified period of times. It is used as the audited report to ensure that all billing and costing transactions have been entered accurately and completely.