Truck Transportation

This module provides truck and tractor services for both the ones owned by the Company and third parties. It might be the continuous services of the Freight and Customs Clearance departments or the services for general customers. The module consisted of truck planning on a daily basis, work order preparation for each trip, allowance for the drivers, delivery orders, expenses recording, billing to customers and other related tasks.

Truck Planning and Work Orders

Create job codes to record various details which can be imported from Freight module and/or Customs Clearance module to reduce duplicate data entries.

Prepare work orders to assign work to drivers in each trip from the receiving point (goods) to the destination.

Prepare delivery notes and third party truck booking based on information from the jobs.

For inbound container transport (Inbound FCL), starting from picking up the laden containers from the port or container terminal (ICD) then ship the containers to the customers' factory for container unstuffing and return the empty container to the ICD.

For outbound container transport (Outboud FCL) starting from picking up the empty containers from the port or ICD then ship the container to the customers' factory for container stuffing and return the laden containers at the port or ICD.

For  LCL shipment, you can assign up to 4 pick-up and delivery points for each Work Order.

Create work order reports by truck and drivers to gather the truck using history according to the assigned route. Printing a trip allowance paying to the driver report. Accurate and fast reporting.

Control all types of expenses according to job codes for accurate and complete billings

Control advances paid to the drivers by summarizing all disbursements in "Expense Reimbursement Slip" and then forward it to the accounting department to clear advance payments. All disbursement information will be used to create payable vouchers and be used as information for collecting service charges from the customers.

Collect costs by job code that disbursed from the driver and from invoices from vendors then groups them into advances and expenses so that invoices to customers can be made accurately and completely.

Create invoices (Billing) and vouchers (Costing) easily and accurately. Journal Entries will be created once the transactions are added (Real time basis).

Comprehensive Audit and Analysis Reports

With this module you are able to print a lot of audit and analysis reports. You can design new reports as needed in any formats and unlimited quantities. The standard or pre-designed reports consisted of the followings:

Profit Analysis represent revenue, costing and margin of each job. 

Detailed Transactions This report print all job details, revenue and costing transactions of the jobs. It is used as the audit report for data entry operators.

Billing and Voucher Listing This report summarizes billing and costing of each job under the specified period of times. It is used as the audited report to ensure that all billing and costing transactions have been entered accurately and completely.