Implementation is an important task. We have broken down the process into 6 steps to ensure the implement of Forwardpro Xpress goes smoothly.

  1. Install software to your computer network. 
  2. Train your staff to work with Forwardpro Xpress effectively at your office.
  3. Conceptual and detailed system design to comply with the software's requirement.
  4. Customized your business printing forms.
  5. Design and customize operation, audit and management report in your favorite formats.
  6. Transfer or import the data brought forward from previous system to the new one, if any. Assist your staff to work with the new system effectively.


Our support team has more than 10 years of experience in the freight forwarder and customs clearance business. In addition to the operational knowledge, our support team is also an expert in accounting and tax related to this business. So you can be sure that you can use the program effectively.

You can contact the Support team for assistance anytime via a Help Desk Ticket.