Sales and Management

This module is used as the center of Sale order management, quotations and reports for the management. The module starts from recording Sale Orders when receiving orders from customers, creating Quotations and once the customers confirm the orders, all Sale Orders and Quotations will be forwarded to the relevant departments such as Sale Orders and Quotations of Freight and Customs Clearance will be forwarded to the Freight and Customs Clearance departments respectively.

Sales Orders

Record orders from customers. It can specify the type of service that the customer ordered, such as freight, customs clearance, transportation and warehousing services

Define prerequisites by service type such as the number and size of containers, type and number of trucks required for the services and etc.

Sales Orders that has been confirmed by customers will be used to open a job in the relevant module, such as preparing a Sale Booking Confirmation in the Freight system and etc.


Quotation can be created for both Sale and Purchase types.

Set the unit price based on the type of service such as the product volume and the size of the container and etc.

Select the factors that affect the price such as delivery routes, carriers and transport agents

Multi-price pricing used in case of service price which is not limited to one price but depends on volume. For example, if the volume not exceeding 10 units will be charged at Baht 100 per unit and 10 or more units will be charged at Baht 75 and etc.

Quotations which are confirmed by customers will be used to prepare invoices or record costs. Thus billing and cost transactions will be recorded accurately.

Management Reports

Combination Reports Prepare profit reports of all systems (Freight + Customs +Transport) in the same Job.

Data Exportation Export Shipment and Billing/Voucher data to Excel (without printing) for management and customers.