Customs Clearance Services

This module will help to work with a large number of documents in a better system. Start with creating a job, controlling the advance payments, recording expenses and gathering all costs and advances to prepare invoices for customers. The module works closely with the Fixed Fund system as the center to control the cash fund transactions in the module.  

Control all expenses incurred in each job for the accuracy and completeness of billing arrangement

Create job number to store various details such as customs entry number, importer and exporter names and so on. Besides, the job number is also used as the reference in Job Costing System.

Control advance payment to shipping staff All expenses incurred in each job will be summarized in “Reimbursement Sheet” to be submitted to Accounting Department for advance clearance. Besides the expenses will be used as the information for billing arrangement.

Summarize all payment in each job including payment made by shipping staff and payment from creditor by grouping the expenses to be advance and charges in order to able to arrange the accurate and completed billings.

Comprehensive Analysis and Audit Report

With this module you are able to print a lot of audit and analysis reports. You can design new reports as needed in any formats and unlimited quantities. The standard or pre-designed reports consisted of the followings:

Direct Profit Analysis This kind of report describes all revenue and costing incurred in each master and sub job. It is also printed with the gross profit calculated based on master and sub job basis.

Detailed Transactions This report print all details of entered master job record, sub job records and billing and costing transactions of the jobs. It is used as the audit report for data entry operators.

Billing and Voucher Listing This report summarizes billing and costing of each job under the specified period of times. It is used as the audited report to ensure that all billing and costing transactions have been entered accurately and completely.