Project Management

 This module is designed for contractor and installation businesses that are project works and must record income and cost under Job Costing basis. With the module, the budgets of the projects are created for revenue and cost recognition according to accounting principles.

Budget control, Actual costs and Revenue and Cost recognition

Create a project code of the job.

Create unlimited job codes for each project.

Create unlimited budget codes to control expenses and compare with the estimates ones for each job.

Record estimated costs such as raw materials, job overheads, and costs from sub-contractors for each job.

Control the quantities and amount of purchase of each budget with Purchase Order.

Create a Voucher to record actual costs and journal entries in the General Ledger system.

Create invoice to collect money from customers according to the contract.

Record the cash retention deducted from the customer. Prepare retainage invoices when that retention is due for payment.

Recognition of revenue and cost by either Percentage of completion method or Job Completion method or Accrual Basis method.


Comprehensive Audit and Analysis Reports

With this module you are able to print a lot of audit and analysis reports. You can design new reports as needed in any formats and unlimited quantities. The standard or pre-designed reports consisted of the followings:

Profit Transaction is a breakdown of revenue and realized costs, estimated costs , services charged to customers and costs charged from the vendors in each Job.

Detailed Transactions is a report that breaks down the details of each job together with its billings and costs.The reports is for the users to review the recorded revenue and cost before job closing.

Payment Applied Transactions is a report that breaks down payments to vendors for each job.

Receipt Applied Transactions is a report that breaks down receipts from customers in each job.